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Unsecured Financing for your Startup Cannabis Business

Let us help your new budding venture get off the ground quickly and easily with our unique loan product! Perfect for entrepreneurs starting out or existing cannabis owners wanting to take things to the next level!

What we offer

What we offer

At Cannabis Startup Loans, we are committed to providing you with the best means of obtaining funds for your Cannabis business. We know how hard it can be to arrange funds for start-ups in this industry, and assist you in fulfilling your dreams by allowing you to qualify for funds up to $200,000!
Program highlights:
No requirements to prove your financial status or income
That means, no tax returns, no paycheck stubs, etc
Low interest rates and low monthly payments.
After all, you need to get ahead, right?
Timely funding
From start to finish, we should have you funded within 4-6
weeks. On loans for already established businesses, we can fund within a
That means you don't have to put up collateral (like your house, car, business, future paychecks, etc).
Who we serve in the industry

Marijuana Infused Products

Cannabis & Hemp Growers

Cannabis Accessories

Retail Dispensaries


Medical Marijuana products

CBD Business Loans

What we look for

A good, personal credit profile
700+ FICO score. Lower credit ok with co-signer
History of timely payments
At least for the last few years, there should be no late payments
No Bankruptcy in the last 10 years
Even if discharged, it must be completely cleared off the report
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Let us begin!
In order to get started, you will first need to fill out a simple application form so we can verify the provided information and also find out your creditworthiness. This will include a copy of your credit report (we explain it on the application). Since we have you pull your own credit reports, it is considered a "soft pull" and will not affect your score. Once you have submitted these two items, we will assign you a consultant who will get in touch with you with a pre-qualification letter.
Apply now
The industry is exploding
North America's cannabis market will go from $9.2 billion in 2017 to $47.3 billion in 2027.

Get Pre-Approved Instantly

You credit score must be 700 or greater.
This will not affect your credit score.