Obtaining Cannabis Funding for Marijuana Businesses

It’s no secret that the United States government is poised to end the prohibition of marijuana. With the majority of US states now approving either the recreational use of cannabis, medical use, or both, the federal government is under massive domestic and international pressure to legalize on a national level. This results in an incredible flux of businesses that are in immediate need of substantial cannabis funding!

Cannabis Funding: Thousands of excited entrepreneurs are attempting to position themselves in the booming cannabis industry, and this is causing very high demands for the services of companies that fund marijuana businesses.

However, because of current legal red tape, the FDIC and SBA cannot and will not insure any loans for ventures that depend on marijuana to generate profits. So, without the help of major banking institutions, where can aspiring entrepreneurs turn to get the cannabis funding they need to start or expand their businesses?

Cannabis Startup Funding Options

Without the possibility of getting a traditional bank loan or SBA loan, those wishing to enter the marijuana, hemp, or CBD industries are faced with challenges to obtain the cannabis funding they need. Most options available are difficult to be accepted for due to requirements about revenue, profitability, and time in business that many new entities cannot satisfy.

People wishing to open a marijuana dispensary probably have no previous experience in the realm and are therefore considered high-risk applicants. Likewise, a CBD edibles manufacturer probably lacks the assets necessary to serve as collateral for a loan to construct and begin operations in a new facility.

So, there are limited options for cannabis funding, especially until marijuana prohibition is ended. Then, the financial landscape may well change favorably for those wishing to enter this lucrative marketplace.

In spite of the increasing number of cannabis funding sources that serve the weed industry, it remains difficult to obtain the seed capital required for ventures in the realm. Many people take out second mortgages on their homes, max out their credit cards, or turn to family and friends to get the credit they need to begin developing their business ideas.

If you manage to obtain seed capital, then you’re going to need to use it effectively to establish reference cases, build your business, and gain initial market traction. If you do this well, then other cannabis funding sources may open up to you. However, as with most other business types, cannabis businesses often fail before surpassing the startup phase.

If you make it to the Series A round of cannabis funding, then you are going to need to scale up your staff, product or service lines, marketing, distribution efforts, and ultimately, sales. If you’re not showing promising projections at the end of the seed phase of financing, then you’re not likely to move forward in this booming yet fiercely competitive industry.

The professional cannabis funding experts at Cannabis Startup Loans have extensive experience at getting new and seasoned marijuana business owners the financing they need to launch or grow their operations. Contact us today by filling out this short form to talk about how we can help you get the capital you need.

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