Working Out High?

It seems like another marijuana myth has been busted! For decades, stoners have been associated with lazy attitudes, binge eating, and general lethargy; like the only thing that matters to them is smoking grass and eating ice cream. However, according to new research from the University of Colorado, this doesn’t seem to be the case, at all!

A new study of cannabis users suggests that marijuana may actually make exercise more enjoyable and thereby help people to stay motivated about their physical fitness goals. Working Out High Can Be Fun! 

It’s no secret that more than 30% of adults in the United States are obese or overweight. Obesity has reached pandemic levels across the world primarily because of overeating nutrient-poor foods, sedentary lifestyles and jobs, and a lack of physical activity outside of work.

The two main keys for achieving a healthy weight, and then, maintaining it are a diet comprised mainly of water-rich foods and regular bouts of semi-strenuous exercise. Many fail on both accounts; eating too many rich foods and rarely exercising at all. So, the fact that cannabis can be helpful for getting people to exercise is huge news!

Of course, that doesn’t account for the numerous other medical and psychological benefits of cannabis that continue to emerge from clinical research. As a result, many companies that finance marijuana businesses are reporting all-time high levels of applications for cannabis business loans. The medical marijuana markets are absolutely booming in every sector!

Cannabis for Fitness and Exercise Study Results

As reported in Frontiers in Public Health, results from the study include:


  • 605 participants
  • 81.7% of participants claim that weed enhances the exercise experience
  • Many participants stated that they recovered better after exercise as well
  • Participants selected from states where cannabis consumption is recreationally legal

It’s not surprising that looking forward to workouts instead of dreading them, having more fun while working out, and recovering more efficiently after working out leads to exercising more. It seems like a no-brainer. However, this new research is a big step toward making this seemingly-obvious “fact” true in the scientific community, as well.

The official study has not been published yet but will be soon. According to Frontiers, medical marijuana “is becoming increasingly relevant as cannabis legalization continues, a situation that has been associated with increased initiation of use among adults, and increased potency of available products in legalized states.”

So, for all the stoners who have had to endure years of being called lazy, unmotivated couch potatoes, a new era emerges as a multitude of young and old athletes solidify weed as one of their main exercise motivators!

This is exciting news for entrepreneurs who are considering getting into the cannabis industry. Non-bank companies that finance marijuana businesses continue to grant cannabis business loans in record numbers as this lucrative market thrives at a record setting pace. Contact Cannabis Startup Loans to apply or for more info.  

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